Saturday, October 21, 2017

Miss Patina & The Musical Ma'am Dress

    You may be wondering how my New Year's resolution to learn to play the ukulele is going...although what you're probably wondering is why on earth would I be wondering that?  Well, if you must know, I can successfully play Row, Row Your Boat and I'm getting pretty good at He's Got The Whole World in His Hands.  Plus, the year's not over yet, so I've got time.  
    If there's one thing I love it's cats playing musical instruments, dressed up as mermaids, or dressed as Ziggy StarDust, so it's no surprise that I'm head-over-heels for Miss Patina and I love it even more when my favorite dress shop carries this brand.  My latest Miss Patina pick is this Musical Ma'am dress from ModCloth.  It's so well made with nice heavy fabric that buttons down the front and has a side zipper.  I ordered this dress in a small and although I typically wear XS, I think this fits well, so definitely check the sizing before you order as you may need to size up.  The sleeves are a bit snug and short, but the fabric is stretchy and I typically wear my sleeves pulled up anyway, so no complaints. I especially love the keyboard collar and notes on the sleeves, and this dress goes purrr-fectly with my Wherefore Art Thou, Ro-meow? Tights.  I'm all ready to shred it on my ukulele in style.

Shop the Look:
Miss Patina Musical Ma'am Pleated Long Sleeve Dress from ModCloth
Excuse us, miss, but we heard you humming and think you might be a good fit for this burgundy dress by Miss Patina! Tailored to recital-ready perfection and made from a comfortable fine knit, this fun frock is music to your eyes. Especially its embroidered details - a keyboard collar, note-touched cuffs, and talented kittens performing on the button placket enhance this look with eye-catching whimsy!
Wherefore Art Thou, Ro-meow? Tights

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Searching for Bernadette

I don't watch much tv these days, but I used to be a big fan of Bernadette's style on The Big Bang Theory, and my favorite part about her style is that a lot of it is very affordable and from widely available brands like Forever 21 and Jessica Simpson.  So, every now and then I run across a dress that she's worn on the show.  My first Bernadette dress was this floral cutie from Forever 21:
I don't really go looking for her dresses, but I do take notice of them when I've watched the show and every now and then I see them pop up on Ebay or ThredUp.  I was thrilled when this Jessica Simpson floral dress turned up and I've decided to deviate from Bernie's standard dress and cardi by layering mine with a pullover underneath.

Shop the Look:
Layer it On Tights in Graphite from: ModCloth
The Zest is History Heel in Navy from ModCloth
Jessica Simpson Dress and J Crew Sweater from ThredUp  Use my link to sign up and save $10 off your first purchase!
Earrings and bracelet are from

Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Rustic Landscape with Debbie M. Smith

    I haven't done an artist spotlight in ages and it's high time I got back to it.  For this post, I'm omitting the interview portion and simply showcasing the artist's work.  In this particular post it's the work of  Debbie M. Smith.  
    Though she call Rolla, Kansas home, I didn't need to read her location to know where these photos were taken.  They instantly evoke the dusty summer feel of the mid-west landscape that I also have called home at various times in my life.  The soft stretching prairies and the vast endless skies, mingle with the simplicity and homeliness of kitchens, cars, and cameras.  And I sigh when I look at her photos and sit back with a smile and think: This is America.

You can find more work by Debbie M. Smith at

Friday, October 13, 2017

5 Fall Reads for the Young and Young At Heart

I love to read, but I've gotten so bored with many modern books.  They all seem to follow the same plot line:  Things are bad, misunderstandings occur, everything stays bleak and nothing gets settled--The End.  It's OK for some books to be that way, but c'mon, even real life has a happy ending now and then.  So, as the weather gets chilly and my thoughts tun more and more to curling up by the fire with a good book, I wanted to share my top five fall reads.  As a deviation from typical current book lists I've featured classics, new and old for young and old and mostly happy books that leave me smiling or deeply satisfied.  Enjoy :D 

Read Alone or Read Aloud:

1.  Understood Betsy by Dorothy Canfield  A sweet read-aloud tale about an orphan girl who has her
rigid world turned upside down and learns how to over come her fears and think for herself. 

2.  Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder  Yes, yes, we've all probably heard this one, but how many of us have actually read it for ourselves.  especially at this time of year, I love to curl up in a window and read the chapters about the Fall County Fair, Christmas, and Almanzo's Birthday.

3.  All-of-a-Kind-of-Family by Sydney Taylor   A charming story about a turn of the century New York family with five daughters.  Ella, Henny, Charlotte, Sarah, and Gertie share adventures, and the everyday laughter and tears of being a family.

Great Reads for Just the Grown-ups: 

4.  Jude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy  This is my all time favorite book.  I've read it many times and it always makes my heart ache and my eyes well up.  Jude is a man of little means who desperately wants to be a university scholar.  Studying on his own while working his trade to earn a living, it seems he just might stand a chance until infatuation derails his plans and love changes his life.

5.  The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood  So many levels to this book, it truly distinguished Atwood as a brilliant writer.  Two sisters, a suicide, a scandalous unpublished story, suspense, a love triangle--this book has it all.  If you've never read anything by Margaret Atwood, this is a phenomenal introduction to her work, and if you're already an Atwood fan, get ready to fall deeper in love with her wit, style, and story telling genius.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Where Shall We Go?.....

Why, anywhere at all, of course......
It's been a while since I've worn the map skirt that I made last year, but it seemed like a natural match to pair it with this black flared sleeve crop top and ankle strap flats.  I'm always hesitant to wear frilly sleeves because of the whole growing-up-in-the-90's-with-the-puffy-sleeve-episode-of-Seinfeld-thing, but I'm overcoming my aversion one top at a time and Seinfeld trauma aside, I really like the polished look that that extra bit of detail provides an outfit.  

Shop the Look:

HaoDuoYi Womens Casual V Neck Bell Sleeve T Shirt Crop Tops- $13.99

Forever 21 Flats from ThredUp

Sunday, October 8, 2017

I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie...

You other readers can't deny....
    I love the library books sales for finding rare books for ridiculously low prices and it supports my community.  Over the years I've found books on Hydropathy (eating a water based diet in the 1800s) Correct Social Usage (an Edwardian era guide to proper manners in high society), and a text book on anatomy from the 1850s.  And while a lot of the information seems old fashioned or even laughable, they're all fascinating reads with beautiful covers and illustrations.   Not only do they look great on my shelves, they're little pieces of history that would otherwise be forgotten.
    I decided it was time to pull my handmade library skirt off the shelf for another wear.  It was a hit at my local library.  At first glance, I want to pair this fabric with browns, oranges, or burgundy, so as a departure, I went with this lovely teal and I love the effect.  That's my favorite thing about prints with lots of colors, you can wear them so many ways and it always looks new and different.

Shop the Look:
Top, cardi and flats from ThredUp
Skirt is handmade, but a similar version is available from and

Saturday, October 7, 2017

It's Plaid O'Clock

That's right!  I can finally break out the plaids without feeling silly, because it's officially autumn and the air is chilly.  Hey...that rhymed!  I guess I'm a poet and I didn't even know that I was rhyming those words...but, it happened anyway.  This amazing skirt came from RoseGal for only $20 and it has a belt, lining, and fits like a dream.  This has been the best way to kick off the season of plaid.

Shop the Look:

Plaid Winter Mini Skater Skirt - Khaki

The Zest is History Heel in Burgundy

Purse from Ebay & Sweater is old from Delia's

Friday, October 6, 2017

October Morning

There's nothing better than an early morning walk on a chilly autumn day.  I love to be all bundled up against the cold and my closet over-floweth  with cardigans and scarves.

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Flower Keeper Pleated A-line Skirt in Yellow
Charter School Cardigan in Mahogany
Willamette Wanderings Plaid Blanket Scarf in Rustic