Saturday, July 22, 2017

That's a Wrap

    Ahhh, modesty.  It can be challenging and wrap tops present one of the most consistent challenges I've ever had.  This white cami dress from Haoduoyi had the problem that most wraps do: a returning gap at the top.  No matter how many times I adjusted and tied, the gap came back.  My solution was a cute little brass leaf brooch that I found tucked away in a jewelry box.  It's very lightweight, so it won't weigh the blouse down and create a new problem, and the simple pushpin back clipped right through the problem spot and held it closed.  No more gap and a little added bling to a basic top.  maybe I should make some of my own and offer them in my jewelry shop. be continued.  

Shop the Look:

hodoyi Women's Sexy Spaghetti Strap Wrap Criss Cross Backless Mini Party Cami Dress $17.99

Anthropologie Lost Time Skirt by Floreat
Made You Look Hat from Wal-mart
Nine West Ankle Strap Heels

Friday, July 21, 2017

It Takes Two

I have to say, I am loving these two piece sets!  I've wanted to make my own for months now, but no patterns have materialized and after my last sewing-without-a-pattern-kerfuffle, I'm not feeling brave enough to try it on my own.  By the way, did you know "kerfuffle" is a real word?!  Yeah, spell-check just gave me the old red squiggly line because I spelled it -el instead of -le.  It's an amazing time to be alive.  Anyway, I spotted this cute Sweet Breeze Top and Skirt Set in Blue Stripe at ChicWish and it is exactly what I've been looking for!  I love it so much, I'm feeling inspired.  Maybe I'll revisit my dress patterns and try to put something together to make my own two piece set.  Dress Review:  This set fits true to size.  Both the skirt and bodice are lined.  The skirt has pockets (huzzah!), and both the top and skirt have zippers, and the top features an additional tie back for added cuteness.

Shop the Look:
Sweet Breeze Top and Skirt Set in Blue Stripe- $54.68 from: Chicwish
Dressed to the Gill Bag from ModCloth
Similar Clear Frame Flat Lens Round Sunnies from Romwe
Similar Chelsea Crew Reserved for Rollicking Mary Jane Heel in Dijon

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Around the World and into a Dream

Munsell Blue Abstract Canvas, Explore Print, Star Map from
Growing up, if it involved a treasure map, I was all in.  It didn't matter if it was a book, movie, board game or a round of make-believe.  One summer I even set about finding the location of Atlantis.  It's hard to find a lost civilization solely from the books at the library, but I did learn a lot.  Last year, my love of maps led me to sew my first skirt ever and I still love it.  This year, I took the easier path and bought a dress with this fabulous map print and navy blue piping and accent buttons from ModCloth.

Shop the Look:
Waving From the Waterfront A-Line Dress in Maps- $79.99 from: ModCloth
Coral Necklace & Betsey Johnson Dressed to The Gill Bag from: ModCloth
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Blue Ring from
Bell Flats by Report available on

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Fresh Picks From Romwe & Claire's

I should have been shopping here for ages; Romwe really has some of the cutest dresses and tops around.  Here are a few of my favorite picks from their new releases:

Left to Right:  Frilled Embroidered Yoke Sleeve top, Floral Embroidered Top, Cat Embroidered Cuffed Tie Hem Shirt, Feather Print Batwing Sleeve Dip HemTop

Lto R:  Lace Up Back Embroidery Smock Dress, Rainbow Gingham Tie Strap Frill Trim Circle Dress, Knot Button Front Box Pleated Cami Dress, Flower Embroidery Single Breasted Cami Dress

Claire's L to R: Mermaid Tail Stud Earrings, Turquoise Whale Front Back Earrings, Rose and Bows Front back Earrings 

Lend Me Your Loveliness & Life on the Farm

Rust Peony, Butterfly Earrings, Ombre Tassel Earrings from

    I love dresses; this isn't news.  I grew up on a huge farm and have always wanted to have a farm of my own.  This may also not be news.  Now that farming is finally on the horizon, I'm trying to find a way to combine my love of those two things.  As a child I remember all the farm wives had a pretty standard uniform that they wore--funny how we wear uniforms even when no one requires us to.  The attire was usually old flannel shirt in the winter or old tee shirt in the summer, torn up blue jeans, and boots.
    Whenever we went into town, I could instantly spot the farm wives based on this, and it never failed.  One day I overheard two farm wives talking, and one of them lamented that "the farm will take everything thing that you have...even your femininity."  To which the other replied, "I guess so...if we let it."  OK, I thought, notes on important life lesson mentally jotted down.
    Flash forward 25 years or more.  Times have changed and I can no longer spot a farm wife, or better yet in the 21st century, just a woman who farms her own land, but I still think the potential exists that this lifestyle could easily take everything I have to give an then some...if I let it.  I've made it my goal to continue to wear my beautiful things, the things that truly make me feel beautiful, even while doing the dirtiest of farm work.......Ok, maybe not the dirtiest, but definitely while doing the everyday and slightly to moderately icky jobs.  There is also the financial sacrifice involved in farming and so it's back to a strict budget for me.
    Not to worry, I know how to find a bargain, and sometimes a new dress is no further than my own closet.  I can get caught up browsing the latest lovelies from my favorite shops and forget when something strikes me that I already own something quite similar.  Such was the case with this Lend Me Your Loveliness Dress from ModCloth.  I loved it right away and put it on my favorites list.  
    A few days later, I pulled this similar version called Watermelon Ice by Meadow Rue from my closet.  I love those moments; it's like finding money in my pocket.  It was also a thrift shop find, originally costing $215 and usually running about $80 on most second hand sites and I got it for $27, so that's even better.  So, ModCloth's dark orange lace dress will stay on my favorite's list for now and I'm wearing my Meadow Rue doppelganger today to do my morning chores.
    It's more casual than ModCloth's and the loose fit of a drop waist and a light cotton fabric make it pretty perfect for checking on my flock of free range chickens before heading off to work.  I even managed to get a quick pic of my favorite hen, Sweet Heart.  Sweet Heart is very docile and easy to catch.  She tolerates being held and patted on the neck.  She's spent her whole life at the bottom of the pecking order.  We built two houses for the chickens, but at the end of the day, for whatever reason, they all cram into one house and poor little Sweet Heart went into the other alone.  Suddenly she's been welcomed into the big house and a little speckled hen now spends her night alone in the other.  I don't know what changed, but I'm happy for her.
Shop the Look:
Lend Me Your Loveliness Dress- $89.99 from: ModCloth
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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Monday, July 17, 2017

Greenhouse Affection

Another throwback outfit post that just got a little lost.  Maybe it's the soft glow to the light, or the stillness of sounds, or the flowers covering every inch in sight.  Or, maybe it's all that new life and potential, but there's something so pleasant and charming about a greenhouse.  One day I hope to build my own out of reclaimed windows, but for now I like to visit this local shop for flowers and maybe next year I'll be stocking up on fruit trees to start my own orchard.

Shop the Look:
Necklace is from my jewelry shop
Rocket Dog Flats from ModCloth
Forever 21 Dress from ThredUp
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